The White Factor: Month 4

I had not thought I was going to do monthly updates on this LOVELY subject.  Yet, every morning when I look in the mirror it’s obvious to me that change is happening.  So why not write about it more.

It is also ironic that my first The Gray Factor post was my 7th most popular post.  Interesting huh?  SO, I either have a lot of ‘let’s look at the crazy lady’ people or I have people who are ‘thinking‘ about white hair!  Also, not easy to share such close images of yourself!

I have decided no longer to call myself ‘gray’.  I am sticking with ‘white’.   Gray has such a ‘connotation’ to it: old, craggy, aging, menopausal.  I also have no immediate plans to cut it short.  I just cannot go there.

SO, for a refresher – this was me at 3 months:

And  here I am 4+ months later:
Ouch – that is harsh to see them next to each other.  Yup – it’s Salt and Pepper!!  That seems like a lot of change in a month?

This shot shows where my struggle lies.  All that faded ‘brown’ demi permanent.  I wish it was gone already.

Side shot.  This is how people usually see me.  Clipped up.  This is how I wear it to dry every day. 

 And I will say – it’s getting easier.  I have my good days and my bad days.  I am feeling more confident. 
I am wearing more make up now.  That of course is a seasonal thing – Summer is over.  I also pay a LOT more attention to the colors I am wearing.   I even have a new pair of ‘raspeberry’ colored glasses.  The hope is they will draw your eye to my eyes not my hairline!
I worry that people think I am ‘not fending well in these tough economic times’ and had to stop coloring it.  I try to mention it was a choice when I feel ‘staring eyes’! LOL
All those little ‘wirey’ ones are blending better now.  They don’t stand out as much against the dark.  I am still having a Keratin Deep Condish when I go in for my hair cuts.    
I would not say that I am feeling ‘older’ but more ‘authentic’.  THIS is who I am.  This is my true coloring.  I recognize the person in the mirror.  
NOW – if I could just get past my 25th reunion coming up.  Do I want to go as my authentic self???  I guess I made my choice already. 
Do you think I am the ‘crazy lady’ or do you ‘think about this’ yourself?  Leave me a comment!

4 thoughts on “The White Factor: Month 4

  1. You are being true to yourself and your own feelings(not a crazy lady). That in itself is very beautiful thing. You seem happy and content and that is all that matters. I think it looks great and I wish I had your curls.;)

  2. I said I would never color,….. then they "gray" set in, and I did. And it was good but you do become a slave to it. So, I stopped did salt n pepper for 6 months, and then my mom and daughter started in on me looking old. Now I'm back to coloring it, but it is a chore, and my daughter is no longer here (away at college), Good for you embrace your self and what makes YOU happy.

  3. This is what God gave you and you look beautiful. I always said that my hair color didn't come in a bottle and would not color. I havent. My Grandmother and aunts have white hair and I think they are the most beautiful women there are. I'm working towards that. 🙂 So are you 😉

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