Nora’s News

Our lovable Nora.  Our adopted Flat Coated Retriever/Labrador Retriever who acts like a house cat.   That ‘you cannot teach an old dog new tricks’ Nora.

Big news on the Nora front!

Our city recently opened a dog park.  Finally!  We have a great big yard and we love to walk her – but she needs to run with other dogs.  We have been going pretty regularly.

I have seen changes in her – positive ones.  First – its mentally stimulates her.   Second – she is making friends.  Third – she is picking up real dog behaviors (hopefully only the positive ones).  She is really learning from the other dogs.

Now, when the other dogs run and chase that tennis ball she really is just chasing the other dogs.  But she is engaged with the pack.

She makes my heart leap when I see her playing.  Because, as I have mentioned before – she does not play with us.  At all.

The last few days though we are seeing changes.  Those dog instincts are starting to wake up.  Like the moment she took her first swim this summer.

She now has a stick.  A real stick in the yard. A stick that is all hers.  She has been carrying it around and running with it and just this morning – she RETRIEVED it!  We threw it – she went and got it and brought it back.  My retriever actually retrieved.  She even sat down and chewed on this stick for a while too.

I am having a proud mom moment.  She has really become a part of our family.


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