Thanksgiving Centerpiece: Use What You Have

I had previously posted about wanting to update my table for a Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

I finally figured out what I wanted to do.  I chose to ‘use what I have’.

I added some burlap that I had laying around as a runner across the table and assembled a collection of some of my favorite things on my round tray.

I think it is festive but not too much.  And the price was perfect!  That is my Waterford Wedding Bowl – a treasured gift from one of my oldest friends.  And my candles are burned down but that is a sign that we use them at dinner time.  A family tradition we started years ago.

 I also had the Glitter Pumkin that I made this year and the ribbon already and voila! This makes a nice statement too!

  My only other festive decorations for Thanksgiving are Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim.

NOW the best part is – I do not have to host Thanksgiving this year!  I get to visit with family at their homes. Ahhhhh!!  Have a GREAT Thanksgiving Day filled with football, food & family!

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