DECOR: Black Lab Silhouette Pillow

Julie over at Less than Perfect: Life of Bliss posted this pillow that just CALLED to me!  I was looking for something to sew for my Tween who is getting a new comforter set for Christmas.  But SHHHHHHH until then!!!

First, and this was the most important step – I emailed Julie and begged asked nicely for the image she used for her black dog.  She obliged!

Following her instructions – I used Heat and Bond to create the dog image in black felt.  Cutting the detail was the hardest part.

I also used Heat and Bond for the dog collar. 

I decided on a 12×18 sized pillow for her bedtop.  Just the right size I think.

I pressed the dog image onto the fabric then inverted for pinning and sewing.
I also took a few minutes to try out a new ‘overstitch’ stitch on my machine which is SO COOL!! Thank you Elizabeth <3.
Right side and all sewn.
I always prefer to cover a pillow insert, however I stuffed this one with filler.  

 Maybe after Christmas I will make one for HERE!!  I LOVE this project!!

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