Ruffle Twirl Skirts

I am officially ‘ruffled’ out!

These are Christmas presents for my little nieces.  They are the same as the Christmas Twirl Skirt that I posted about HERE.

One of the skirts is for Niece M, who does NOT wear pink.  So, hers is blue and green.

The set is for Nieces A & G.  They are sisters and they love pink!

I am really struggling with wanting to do applique tshirts to go with the skirts but I fear I am running out of time.  I have other projects I need to finish also.  SO I may do hair accessories with the scrap fabric instead.

One thing I DID do, after I finished the Christmas Twirl Skirt, was purchase a ‘gathering foot’ for my machine.  It looks like this: Brother SA120 Gathering Foot
I am in love!  While it is not perfect (I still had to adjust all those ruffles to length) it really saved me a LOT of time.  I am suppose to be able to sew the ruffle to the flat piece at the same time but I did not trust my fabric lengths enough to go for it.  Someday?!?!

Have you worked with a Gathering Foot and had success??

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