Pressure Cooking: A FROZEN Bird!

A new cook book I pre-ordered just arrived.  It is Bob Warden’s Great Food Fast – and it is ALL Pressure Cooking!! I spent the weekend thumbing through trying to decide which recipe to try first.  
"Bob Warden's Great Food Fast" Cookbook
One thing that he updated well in this book is frozen cooking times.  There is a chart that tells you how long to add on if you use frozen beef or chicken breasts and even a WHOLE roaster bird.  Guess what I had in the freezer. 
I put a frozen solid whole chicken in the pressure cooker.  I added some spices, chicken broth & 2 tbsp of white wine.  Once it got up to 40 PSI I cooked it for 25 mins + 15.  
Then I checked it – it was up to 160 degrees.  Popped it back in for another 10 mins and it was  D O N E !!  60 mins total.  Did I mention it was frozen solid?  I find that my cooker takes at least 10 mins. to get up to pressure.  
No, it does not look like a ‘roasted chicken’ but that was not the purpose of cooking it today.  Had it not been frozen I could have taken the time to brown it on the breast a bit.  
I plucked all that soft white cooked chicken off the bone then popped it back IN the pressure cooker with carrots, celery & onion.  Covered it with water – and 15 mins (+10 to heat up) I had Homemade Chicken Stock!! 
Yes, I went from frozen bird in my basement freezer to homemade chicken noodle soup in less than 2.5 hours!!  

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