Fabulous Friday: Afternoon Delight!

coffee coffee coffee
(source: Pinterest)

I have to blame this all on a friend.  It is her fault.  I was quite content with just canned evaporated fat free milk in my coffee as creamer.

Then I bought this:    

after her telling me that she had some of this:
International Delight Presents: Peppermint Mocha
Now I am on the lookout for hers too!

Warm, creamy, wonderfulness!

I just wish it was the real thing!

One thought on “Fabulous Friday: Afternoon Delight!

  1. I too was happy with just a little plain milk and maybe a little whip cream then my dear friend made me a cup of coffee at a play date. She used Coconut cream creamer…it was oh so good. Now I can't stop with the flavors. Currently we have Pumpkin Pie creamer…..it is yummy! Merry Christmas!

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