My Gift

A lot of focus goes to my family, my girls and my friends over the Christmas season.  I have to say it is nice to be given a gift or two along the way!!

Please be the first to view my first piece of artwork.  This is an oil painting of a sailboat but it has much more meaning to me.  I suppose all pieces of art have special meaning – this is why we posses them.  Let me explain.

I have an Aunt, Aunt Sue to be specific.  She is the most artistic person I know.

She painted this picture for my parents back in 1976.  It is a painting of my Dad on our sailboat in the harbor. That was our boat ‘Illusion’ and she was a 1968 31 foot C&C Corvette.  I actually grew up sailing with my parents over the summers of my youth all along the New England coast.  (It sounds much more romantic than it was!)

This painting has hung in my parents home since I can remember (I was 8 when we received it).  When we posed for photos in my Mom’s house we stood in front of this painting.

A while back – I asked for the painting.  My parent’s obliged.  I received it for Christmas.  It has been re-framed to match my decor.

I think it looks beautiful in my home.  Almost like it was meant to be here all along.  Maybe this is why I was never able to commit to a painting until now.  It will now hang above my mantel. We will take our family photos in front of it.  (Unless I decide to move it).  Someday I will hang it properly.

I look forward to telling people who visit us in the future how special this painting is and how proud I am to have inherited this work of art!

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