Do you Zoku?

What is Zoku?
It is a quick freeze ice pop maker. I am sure I was the last to hear about this – but we LOVE to Zoku!  

The best part is we get to choose what goes into it.  AND – it really works!!

We decided to make ours like fudge pops. With Lulu being lactose intolerant this was perfect because we could use Lactaid skim milk!  We even added mini chocolate chips.

First – you put the unit into the freezer for 24 hours.  Then we added the chocolate milk.  And sits for 7 mins.

Then you use the removal tool and it POPS out!!

And – they were GOOD!!

We cannot wait to try all kinds of flavors and ingredients.  I hear you can even make an ‘over 21’ one too 😉

Have a ZOKU recipe to share? Leave it below!!

2 thoughts on “Do you Zoku?

  1. Well you are not the last to know..LOL! This is the first I have heard of these. I need to try these I bet my boys would love something like that. Thanks for sharing!

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