Biscuit Doughnuts

Who knew you could take a can of these:

and make these:

Not me until NOW!!

Here are the fly-by instructions:

Bring oil of your preference to 375 degrees with a candy thermometer.

NOTE: having now made these – next time I will use my iron skillet and maybe 1.5 inches of oil.  This was too much.  

 Open your can of biscuits and prepare them by pressing them a little flat.

I only used ONE can – it was plenty for a family of 4

 I chose to doughnut hole mine using a small cookie cutter.  But you could leave them whole and fill them after with a jelly or cream!

All prepped and ready. 

Into the hot oil they go!

 I think the longer you cook them the better they tasted.  A nice deep golden brown makes them crunchy!

A quick sit on a rack with a pan under to catch any drips –

After this we either dredged them through some cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar.  Next time I will have a glaze ready to try on them for sure. 

They went so fast this was the only photo is could get!  

TO think that I used to make dough from scratch to do this.  The hardest part of this was waiting for the oil to heat up then cool off.  Oh, and NOT eating them all!!!

If you need something fun for New Year’s weekend – grab some biscuits when you go to the store!!

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