The White Factor: Month 6

I am still on this journey.  For those of you who are new – you can read about this journey (Month 3 here and Month 4 here).


SO, here I am.  It is 2012.

Six months with no color added to my hair. My hairdresser told me to plan for a year transition.  This is the halfway point.  This is a big one. January brings me another birthday, the one that takes me into my Mid-40s.

Christmas was tough for me.  I tend to see the same people day in day out who don’t really notice the slow change happening.  Yet, the holiday gatherings brought people I do not see all the time together, mostly family, and I felt like eyes were upon me.  I was very cautious about what colors I was wearing.  But I am feeling less anxious now that we are back to a normal life.

I guess I need to share more photos!

For reference I am adding Month 3:

and Month 4:

And… here we are today:

I would say it is a full 3 inches at this point.
A rare photo of it up.
Indoor lighting shows that pesky ‘old color’ is an even lighter brown now.

Yup – that is my hair.  The hair I was born with and destined to have.

I am struggling mostly right now with the cut of my hair and the curls than I am the color.

I have grown to like the white – but there is this constant nagging going on that I should not be wearing my hair ‘long and curly’ if I choose to have its natural color.  Like I am ‘supposed’ to cut it shorter thing.  But that is not what I want to do.   The curls in my hair can look pretty unruly with the crazy whites on some days.  And why do women with the women I see with gorgeous white hair always have that smooth hair?

Curly Girl The Handbook - Second Edition

I committed years ago to being a curly girl – not blow drying/ironing, I only use SLS free shampoos and water soluble products in my hair.  I am not sure I can abandon that right now.

SO I spend a lot of time going over my options to include:

  • go back to color (NO!)
  • cut it shorter (NO!)
  • keep having frequent trims and keeping the current style
  • making a change but keeping the length – maybe bangs again
  • stop wearing it curly – and ironing it more (not comfortable with that!!)
  • keep it the same, wait and see
  • and my favorite: stop worrying about all this – it is JUST hair.

When I start to feel anxious about this journey I like to go here:  Going Gray Looking Great and then I do not feel so alone in this big world of colored hair.  I am following along with these ladies. {EDITED the link no longer is active but you can find them on Facebook HERE}

On a positive note – I do not miss the blistery bumps that hair color caused on my skin. Or having to spend a day removing the hairdye off my hairline after a color. I have enjoyed having more money to spend on other things.  I recently starting taking photography classes.  That’s much more fun than sitting in a salon!  I plan to go back to the gym soon too.

While my birthday passes by this month I am hoping to not be fixated on how I look but rather on how I feel.

A full blend of white, dark brown and light brown.
Thanks for reading along!!
Leave a comment to tell me how you feel about YOUR white/gray hair – have you thought about growing it out?

10 thoughts on “The White Factor: Month 6

  1. Your curls are great. I decided to quit fighting my curls a couple of years ago, but I'm still coloring. I should stop, your hair looks really natural and very healthy.

  2. It's been over a year, closer to two I think, that I have not highlighted my hair. Never did a full color, just not that adventurous. I'm 50 now and only have the stray gray hair, so my hair just looks dull and ashy. Guess my 'worry' is what hair style to use at my age. I've let my hair grow out below my shoulders now; it hasn't been this long in thirty years maybe? Just don't know what is flattering for age/texture/and being obese… I'm happy to see you go natural…I love grey hair! It'll actually look better with my complexion if I can actually start turning grey…keep it up, you are nearly there with the transition!

  3. Your curls look great and you don't have a lot of white. My coloring days have long been over and my hair was always straight. I hit 50 and the back started getting curly! So funny. Will the front ever curl to match? Now that would make me happy!!!Janet

  4. I fought my curl for years, but I finally gave up a few years ago and have started wearing it curly and liking it so much better. I still color, but for fun and not for gray – I just like to have red hair rather than brown.

  5. Hi,I have somewhat curly hair – mostly around the hairline. So I envy you your curls!!I have never dyed my hair (it's very dark brown); not that I have anything against it I just never have. I say now that "I wear my gray with pride as I've earned every one!!!"My Mom had baby fine hair (which I have inherited). She once told me that she had been looking forward to going gray as someone had told her that gray hair was much more coarse than regular hair. They fibbed! Her's came in just as fine and I've also inherited that.As for long or short, it's a personal choice and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.Long hair makes my hot flashes (yes, I still get them!) worse. So I may go back to very short hair.I love steel gray hair but mine is coming in white. There are bluing/purple shampoos available that help with the transition as well they really show off the grey. I haven't found one I like yet. Also, ash blond foils help. Did try that and quite liked it.Whew!!! Not sure where that rant came from! :-)Take care and thanks for the link to the other website.Cathy

  6. I think your hair, color and curls, are beautiful. I'm going on 15 years without color and my grey is really beginning to come through. I'm considering natural vegetable dyes for temporary color bursts when the mood strikes but that's still a year or more away. Funny how once I went dye free it is a real hard decision to start again. Between the ages of 12 and 22 I did not have a natural color but now I've learned to embrace and protect it's bland brown-ness.

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