Downton Abbey

Are you a fan???  
Season Two starts Sunday night!  

This year I have a special interest in watching:  COSTUMES!

The Edwardian Costumes on the show are to die for.  I love that the costumes almost take on a role in the show.  Pinned Image
Pinned Image

And the hats!
Pinned ImagePinned Image

And in service aprons are aplenty.
Pinned Image

As I mentioned before my 11 year old is playing Mrs. Banks in our school production of Mary Poppins.  I am on the costume committee.  It is the perfect excuse to watch!  Albeit they are from 1914 and not 1910 but the silhouette is right in line with what we are looking to do.

Will you be watching??

Be sure to watch along for my Mary Poppin’s Costume Creation posts in the next few months.

3 thoughts on “Downton Abbey

  1. I haven't seen or heard about this show 😦 I don't watch a whole lot of T.V but this is the type of show I would watch ….what channel or program is it on? I Heart Maggie Smith and anything she graces!I LOVE their dresses! Especially those love summer dresses int he second photo. Can't wait to see your Mrs. Banks costume … should be a really fun project.

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