Photo 101

I value it greatly.  

I have owned my Canon EOS Rebel XT since 2006.  I remember when the girls were little skimping and saving all my birthday money, coupon money and counting through the big jar of saved change to be able to afford it.  I even remember returning Christmas presents so that I would have enough to purchase it.  I remember thinking should I even have this camera.

As an experienced scrap booker I take my photos very seriously.  The quality of my pictures and scrapping improved immediately.  But I never claimed to be a great photographer!!

Over the years I have tried to learn the ‘other half of the dial’ via internet websites, books from the library and other moms.  I was not successful.

2012 is bringing me a new adventure – I am taking my first classes!  Some mom friends and I recently started.

Currently, we are working on the Tv and Av settings. I prefer the Av for the type of photos I take.  I am sure there is a formal word for that ‘fuzzy’ background you get with portrait shots but I like fuzzy.

I am getting better photos already – but I am struggling still.  At times, I flip back over the the Portrait Mode to make sure I get the shot. I can see the improvement when I really put effort into the picture I am shooting. Like all things new – practice, practice, practice!

One thing I noticed right off is Nora, my black Flabby (lab mix with flat coated retriever) who is NOT easy to photograph being so dark is starting to show up in my pictures!

I hope to share more things I learn as I go along.  I also hope to not bore you with these very uninteresting pictures!

Learning how to ‘fuzz’ the background more.  

Better lighting shows off my black dog.  Love the ‘fuzzed’ background.
Sharper detail
Getting the color right is a challenge. 
The dog is in focus here  –  showing her off nice and crisp. 
LOTS more to learn!!  I plan to get to the dog park and try out the Tv selection this week!

Do you use the AUTO or MANUAL side of your camera???

2 thoughts on “Photo 101

  1. You and I are on the same page. I've been all about learning to use my camera better. I downloaded a few of those PDF photography books and they have been very helpful (Katie Evans and also Kristen Duke). Your photos of the kids and dog are great! I love the one of your dog chewing the bone. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. There is an online photography forum called Clickinmoms that I am a member of, it is a great place to learn. BTW, that blurry out of focus stuff is called bokeh. I shoot in manual mode and like the control it gives me. So glad you are taking a class! What sort of lens do you have? I will be sharing more photos on my blog this year. I do have a Project 365 from 2010 but plan on doing Project 52 and a monthly self portrait (those are hard). Keep practicing it just get's better and better!

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