Mrs. Banks!

Something finally arrived!!!

That’s right – FABRIC!!  
For Mrs. Bank’s Costume!

Confused?  You can read about it HERE.  I did not have to use yellow but Coco asked me to.  Not to mention the color will look lovely on her.

The yellow is a Shantung Sateen (polyester) as is the white.  
The yellow stripe is cotton but has a nice sheen to it.  

I have a plan for the dress.  I hope to be able to use the stripe.  I will be sure to share once I get my mock version made.

I won’t even mention the 10 yards of white broadcloth that I got for 1.74/yard for aprons, ruffles, and so much more!

I really have to get moving on this – once I am done with this I have so much more to do, like a coat, nanny aprons, alterations to clothing, and ‘Mary’s white dress’ that I am working on with another mom.   You may find me humming ‘a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down…’  to help pass the time!

April will be here in NO TIME!

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