Mrs. Banks: Rough Draft

Given that I have invested some money into the fabric for Coco’s costume for her role as Mrs. Banks in the school play Mary Poppins – I wanted to make sure I did it correctly.  I made a rough draft first!

This is the pattern I selected for a proper Edwardian 1910 London dress.
All of the pieces work together. I struggled terribly with the choice of whether to do to the kimono sleeve or the regular tailored sleeve.  While the kimono would be much easier – it may be too ‘evening’ wear (or maybe I just watch too much Downton Abbey!!).   I should mention it is an ‘older’ style pattern. Which made me very nervous with statements like ‘the modern sewer may not be familiar with….’.

SO I jumped in with plain white inexpensive fabric.  Sloppy Copy if I may!  Which does not show the detail well in photos.  
I made the skirt first – which had a placket (do you know what a placket is?)  I do, now! (It is used to add the hooks and eyes on the inside of the dress in place of a zipper.)  The hardest part of the skirt was cutting the large pieces. 

Second, I worked on the under-bodice.  Which took several rounds of ‘do I need to make this part?‘ because it was very confusing.  BUT in the end – it was necessary.  It is like the undershirt of the dress.  Clearly the ‘bust’ part needs to be taken in some!  This involved a lot of piecing.

Lulu modeling this for the camera

Finally the sleeve – kimono style because it was the easiest!  I think it really pulls the dress together.  I love the silhouette.

with the large sash style tie added
the back view

SO, I did not hem, or put any closures or do any final edging on any of the seams.  But I think it will work…. It may still require a high neck ruffle blouse ‘dickie’ but I will let the art director make that final decision.

Here is a sneak peak of what my plan will be, keeping in mind plans can change!

  Creations by Kara

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