Photo 101: Tungsten Oops

You may know I have begun this great journey to improve my photography. I am eagerly awaiting my next class to learn more.

I did however have a HUGE lesson this week.

It starts with how for my birthday this month I recieved a new lens for my camera. I went with the Tamron 18-270 with the PZD drive.  Life is short right???

She is sweet!

While at the store taking these fabulously boring photos I asked the very kind salesman – about best sites for photo printing and how I am learning Photoshop (finally!!) but I just wish I could get the blue cast off of my photos!

He pointed out to me right away that he knew why I was having that problem. Somehow on my camera my White Balance came off of AUTO and was switched to Tungsten… which apparently in photo world means – BLUE!

Blue Cast

No Blue Cast

Oh My! I now do not have to over edit my photos to try to correct that anymore. I need that White Balance class sooner than later.

I don’t want to bore anyone with new photos – this is just one I captured at the dog park.  I can already see how this new lens is just superior to my kit lens. I am soooo excited to learn and share more!

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