New England Day Trip: American Girl!

Christmas this year brought us a new member of our ‘doll’ family.  Lulu really wanted Julie – but I think what she wanted was all that long blonde hair!  What I love about Julie – is she reminds me of growing up in the 70’s (yes, I remember the 1970s well!)

We are also lucky enough to have an American Girl Store about an hour away.  It was time to make our first trip.  Lulu and I made a Mom and Me day out of this. (iPhone photos ahead… sorry!)

We met friends and spent what felt like the entire day there.  First thing up was find Julie’s clan:

We found all the Julies!

Then we went to drop Julie off for her ear piercing at the Doll Hair Studio:

Styling Stations

Julie with her new ‘earrings’:

My American Girl & Julie

and then we SHOPPED:

I promise we did not buy 'everything!'

Unfortunately, we did not have dining reservations so we headed into the mall to do a lunch of the girls’ choice:

Lunch Time in a new seat

We decided that the new MacDonald’s Happy Meal  french fry size is even too small for Julie!

Julie's Lunch

I am only sorry that we waited so many years to go here.  Next time (when the girls have refilled their piggy banks) we will have dining reservations for sure!

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