New England Day Trip: IKEA!

While at the dance competition over the weekend I found myself right down the road from IKEA!!  I made it a point to get there.

There is just something so fun about this store.  Although being there on a Sunday afternoon is less than ideal (crowded!!) I did get to roam as much as I wanted for 2 hours.

Things I will go back for:

Round Mirrors: KOLJA Mirror IKEA Safety film  reduces damage if glass is broken. Can be used in high humidity areas.

TV Stand: BENNO TV unit IKEA Cord outlet in the back.   Keeps all cords in one place. 2 open compartments for a DVD-player, etc.

Shoe Cabinet for Mud Room: HEMNES Shoe cabinet with 4 comparment IKEA Legs in the front to allow the cabinet to stand close to the wall above the baseboard.

Paper Shades: VÄTE Pendant lamp shade IKEA Diffused light; gives a good general light.

My bag at the end of the trip – I restrained myself.  I would LOVE to go back for more furniture pieces but it was not the day for it.

Looking forward to sharing what I do with it all!!

One of my favorite moments of the day was listening to a young couple have a discussion about bedroom linens.  They looked like newlyweds, and she was trying to convince him that it was OK to have pink in their bedroom.  He kept telling her that was not going to work for him.   To which she kept pointing out that his Dad had pink in his bedroom so it would be OK for him too.  I wonder how they made out on that!?

I did sneak a few of these out of there too!

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