Perfectionism – Letting Go

I learned to bake from my mom.  Besides sewing and baking I do not remember much that we did together.

I was always welcome into the kitchen to bake.  In fact, at a young age I soon took over all the baking.  She would come home from work and find that I had baked – and would be crazed by the mess I had left behind.  Some days I would wake up at 6 am on Sunday mornings just to make pancakes.   My desserts would always be presented at dinner as ‘Karen made this’ and my dad would always pretend to choke after the first bite.

From that, I took away the love of getting into the kitchen and getting it right.  It has become a solitude for me.  I will sneak into the kitchen for a few hours and bake…by myself.

Lately however, Lulu asks to help.  She shows a great love of being in the kitchen and learning.  She always asks to jump in and I was not always so quick to say ‘sure’.  It has taken me a few years to share this ‘alone’ time with her but I am coming around.

Even when I let her help – I tend to ‘do it for her’ so that things are to my standards.  This week – I let that go.  My perfectionism which at times keeps me from doing anything if I cannot finish it to my standards was intruding on this valuable time.

SO, we baked!

We used my FAVORITE Chocolate Cake Recipe – the one on the back of the Hersheys Cocoa Powder can.  (The one with the boiling water.)  And, my mom’s buttercream recipe (of course!)  NOTE: a trick I have learned – never use really cold milk – it will curdle your frosting – room temperature is best!

You can see from our results – I clearly let her take the reigns!

They are 'perfect'!

But you know what? They tasted great and she is already asking to bake something else.  I see the error of my ways.  I hope it is not too late!

I am sure to teach her along the way the right way to clean up as you go so that I don’t find that huge mess I always left behind.

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