Chinese Food

Some times we do a little too much of this –


Given that my girls are so picky it seems to be one of those take outs that makes everyone happy.  However, all my years as a Weight Watcher has taught me this is NOT the best choice.  Plus, I hate to see the day two leftovers be ignored sometimes.  Waste!

SO when I saw this great post on The Letter 4 for a simple recipe of Cashew Chicken it knew it was time to TRY to make my own.

Seeing as I love Cashew anything (especially popped on a chocolate turtle) this was a good recipe to start with.   I was very remiss in thinking I purchased the correct ingredients – I did not.  In place of bamboo shoots I bought Baby Bok Choy, and I had sugar snaps on hand in place of snow peas.  But I did get the chicken and cashew part right!  I even messed up on rice – but a quick boil of Angel Hair made the girls happy.

Chicken and Cashews cooking

Chicken and Cashews cooking

Veggies and sauce simmering

























Check out those really fun clothespin chopsticks!  They are from CB2  – apparently this is the ‘young‘ version of Crate and Barrel – which explains why I did not know about the store!!

Recipe Review:  The girls liked it.  Lulu liked the chicken and peas, Coco was more into the cashews and the sauce.  SO I take that as a recipe that I can repeat again (with the CORRECT ingredients!).

If you have not tried to make chinese food before I would suggest trying this.  It was fun and easy!!

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