Ladies Night Out

Ahhhh the post holiday, mid winter, much needed

‘home party’ season has started.

I have always looked forward to getting out of the house, enjoying a glass of wine (or two!), seeing friends outside of the school parking lot, shopping and did I mention getting out of the house?

(iPhone images follow…sorry!)

Beautiful tasty treats by the hostess!

Most recently I attended a Vault Denim party. ‘Designer jeans without the full price‘.    I did not know what to expect as I am guilty of not wearing ‘fun’ jeans (read that as youthful).  Just a standard bootcut lean midrise cut for a few years now.  However, I wear jeans every day!

The consultant had almost every pair of jeans one could desire in name brands that I was not all that familiar with such as: Republic, Mankind, Seven, Petrol, etc.      There was over 135 pairs laid out in all sizes (1-20).


Dining Table & The Couch

They covered the table and the couch!

There was a LOT of bling!

Not my first choice!

I decided that some were out just out of my comfort zone but I decided to give a few a try – and guess what – I found a pair!   I do worry that they are still too young for a old girl like me but sometimes you have to live a little!  However, some of these blingy ones did look great on the other ladies.

My Pair!

So – it was a great night out with friends, I enjoyed some delish Sangria and now I just need to work up the guts to wear my new ‘jeans’.  I actually see myself wearing these more in the warmer weather with sandals.

Have you heard of Vault Denim??

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