Welcome March!

March brings lots of things to look forward to this year!!

March 1st has us waking up to our first snowfall of the year! Here in New England – this is very odd but we loved the mild Winter we have had so far!


First up is I am hoping very much to get my kitchen painted – finally!!


Our journey with Ortho begins this month with our tween Coco.  This month: molds and a ‘parental consult‘ I think the second of the two sounds MUCH scarier!


I hit 8 months on my White Factor Journey – and will be sharing the progress on that.  


St. Patrick’s Day is this month.  Typically March is pretty quiet on the holiday front – except in this Irish household!!  Most notably this St. Paddy’s brings the Mr. and I to our 21st year together!  YIKES did I just type that?  I was a young 23 year old young woman when we met and started dating.  What  a perfect day to meet!  We do try to celebrate with a dinner out when we can.

shamrock ring


March 20th at 1:14 AM brings the Vernal Equinox this year!  YEAH!!  Given that

we had the least snowiest Winter in years – I am very happy to welcome Spring!

Snow Drops


The release of the Hunger Games movie on March 23rd!  Coco the tween and I are really looking forward to this!!

Great Book!


The return of only the best TV show ever (well Downton Abbey is close second!) Mad Men Season 5 on March 25th.  It will be a busy weekend.

He's Back!

and...She's Back!

I hope I make it through it all!!

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