White Factor: Month 8

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  1. A passing from one form or stage to the next. (noun)
  2. Movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; (noun)

This seems to be a common word of the past two months for me.  Transition.

It is not that I am ‘letting my hair grown in’ or ‘I stopped coloring’ it is I am ‘transitioning‘.

I am transitioning in a LOT of areas it seems.  It seems to be a common theme with me internally since turning 44 in January.  I am watching my girls transition into a new stage in their lives.  The way I dress and how I feel about things – everything is in transition.

However, I never said any of that was bad.  Just new!  I can tell you my hair never looks the same twice as the pictures will show!
SO, onto the photos!
For a refresher – here I am at 5 months:
5 months
Closer to 7 months:

Blown out for a different effect! (Phone camera with flash shows overexposed but a hint of what is to come!) 

And now:

Natural Light shows how dark the dark is (pardon the shadow!)

I have 4.5 inches on my growth line.  The old brown is really oxidized at this point but I refuse am not going to cut it off for shorter hair.  I also skipped the Keratin Deep Condish this month to see what was going on with it all.   Months 5-6-7 were not easy.  I am feeling like I am ‘transitioning’ out of that stage and moving into calmer hair, healthier scalp and there is no turning back now.

Natural Light

I really like that I can see so much more of my orignal hair color – I call it Celtic Black.  It’s a true pepper for all the salt.  It just blends correctly.  My skin tone just looks better all around.  And if I thought I would lose any of my curl – silly me.
Under the canopy
I have a LOT of salt underneath the canopy which is still darker on top.
The one thing I am appreciating – it is unique to me.  I look around and no one has the same hair as me.  No one!
I am lucky that it is blending fairly well.  I am also glad I started now before I dabbled in permanent hair color.  I worry that in about 5 years the transition might be a lot harder!
To quote a hair of box color – ‘Nice and Easy’ is how I feel!

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3 thoughts on “White Factor: Month 8

  1. Hi- I’ve been watching your ‘natural’ transformation. I am 45 years old and have been battling the gray for several years now. It is becoming quite tiring and very time consuming. I have just about decided to just quit fighting it. My hair is similar to yours in length and is also curly. My mom used to perm my hair but as I age is seems to have taken on a life of its own and is naturally curly without the perm. I applaud your decision and feel I will be doing the same very soon.

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  3. Deby – Thanks for your comments! I was not always so curly – it really happened after I had my second daughter. I too used to perm in high school! I encourage you to pop over to Going Gray Looking Great page on Facebook. Lots of people are posting great things there. .

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