Gardens and Pool Decks

What a short strange Winter it has been up here in New England! So much so that here in early March I am seeing my tulip bulbs already popping up.  Oddly enough I do not trust putting away all the winter boots and jackets JUST yet.   Things can change pretty fast up here.  I do have to say the warmer weather we have had the last week or two has me thinking about Spring.

I remember way back when before we had kids and when they were really young how much I enjoyed filling my window boxes, planting perennials and caring for them.   Our property is fairly shaded and I loved finding shade loving plants.  Then life got away from us.  Saturdays are spent at soccer and I will be the first to admit that over the last two years I have not taken a lot of pride in my garden.  It could be the sciatica that I suffer from a lot.  I have so many plans that I never seem to get to.

window boxes

(photo: Pinterest)

I decided to take a new tact this year.  The girls seem to show and interest in learning flower names.  So I am offering them a part of my front garden to have as their own.  They seem very excited about this.  Lulu has made me promise I will buy her some gardening gloves.   We are spending some time looking at flower catalogs and making some plans for their gardens.   This also leaves all the containers and window boxes for me for more creative expression.

Coco's shade garden

Coco's Shade Garden ideas

Lulu's Border Garden

Lulu's Border Garden ideas

(photos: Pinterest)

I am hopeful their interest will last beyond the first ‘you want me to do what?’ which I will get when I hand them a trowel.

We also have a pool.  This is our 4th season.  Up here in New England it seems like such a short pool season but it really has been a great thing for our family.  We swim in it almost everyday.  Now that the girls are older they can share it more with their friends.  It is the staycation that keeps on giving back to us.

I had HUGE aspirations for what I wanted my two decks to look like.  But I have been stuck with using deck furniture that we received as a wedding gift 15 years ago.  While I have enjoyed it – I have to say I am MORE than thrilled to report that the sling chairs met their demise (finally!!).  We have talked about what to replace it with and I think we finally found a set.  I worry about having cushions as there is no ‘storage’ for them.  Now I sit and wait to see if it goes on sale before it sells out.  I really hate that but I am feeling we will pull the trigger on this before April Vacation.

glass oval for 6

This is the inspiration I feel we need to finally fill those planters that I bought (with great intention) to fill with annuals and herbs.  I might even play with the idea of a deck rug this year!  I have plans for new umbrellas as I require shade.

SO I am hopeful that our spring is spent sprucing the place up.

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