What’s Happening at the Little Red House

When the girls were very young I was one of those mothers that took a week to start a gradual transition for their sleeping schedules.  Now that they are older they don’t appreciate this anymore.  SO I have terribly sleepy children in the morning and night owls telling me they are not tired for bed at 9PM.   I for one love the later daylight.  It makes me happier all around.  Another good thing about it is I was starting to wake up at 5:30 every morning – and now the clock has caught up with my internal clock. Phew!

House of Anubis has ended (much to the tween and soon to be teen’s displeasure).  I will admit that I looked forward to that 7PM break in the routine to sit and watch.  But alas, Rufus has met his demise and Fabian and Nina have figured out they belong together.  And it cannot go unmentioned about Mia and Jerome… that kind of surprised me!  Annubis really is not a good substitiute for Downton Abbey.   I really need Mad Men and Game of Thrones to start up soon.  (One can find Victor (Yoren) and Jerome (the squire) on Game of Thrones!)

Tax season has been in full swing for about 2 months now.  I never know if the Mr. will be home for dinner or not.  And that made me lazy.  But I have a two week menu planned (to include sides/vegs) and I am determined to stick to it.  I even have 90% of the groceries in house so there is not excuse!

With the extra daylight I am starting to notice in the late afternoon sun more dust and cracks and crevices that need to be taken care of.  Spring Cleaning is right around the corner.

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