Coming to Life

Here at the Little Red House I am seeing signs our wetlands are coming to life!

I have spotted our bright red male cardinal swooping back and forth and yesterday there were two woodpeckers pecking away. There is small bird activity all out in wetlands that you cannot miss.   While the massive red squirrel, gray squirrel and chipmunk population love to make their presence known these are welcome neighbors.  (I will not mention the other kinds of neighbors we usually get – the large kind with 8 legs!)

This prompts the girls and I to do all we can to keep these loved creatures in the yard.

I love to see the goldfinches all over this.  We switched to a bright yellow feeder this year as we were told this would help attract them.

Lulu insisted on one of these this year.  I am hoping to see small birds but the very knowlegeable man at the bird store insisted if we put sunflower seed in it the cardinals would come (if they find it).  Wouldn’t that be a treat!

clear window feeder

I like to put a suet cake out in the far edge of the yard.  Due to our squirrel problem the same man suggested Red Hot Pepper flavor.  He said the birds love it but the squirrels do not.  I hope the dog does not get ahold of it!!

'hot pepper'

SO I now look forward to the changing view out of my kitchen window – especially seeing the lush green return and seeing LOTS of bright yellow!

waiting is the hardest part!!

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