Mary Poppins: Play Costumes

As you may know – the 5th grade play this year is Mary Poppins.  Little did I realize how costume intensive this play was going to be when I signed up to sew however, I am enjoying the whole process!

I added a coat to Mrs. Bank’s costume.  I used this pattern:

Misses' Coats (I used the darker gray version in the lower right corner).

The one thing I loath is cutting patterns – but I got on my hands and knees and did it!

It was a simple pattern and allowed me to make some adjustments on the front to incorporate a ruffle.  Thankfully, my gathering foot and I are on good terms right now.  I cannot tell you how long it has been since I attached a sleeve.  It is not quite ready to be photographed yet.  I think Coco’s Mrs. Bank’s costume is complete now.  I just need to embellish the hat.

I also have a lot of other costumes I am helping out with right now.  I was able to sew three adorable maid’s aprons.  I love that Mary’s has the added ruffle of eyelet.  Lulu was more than happy to pose her for you.

Mary Poppins apron

Maid Ellen's apron

Authentic cross-back styling

Thank you Lulu!  (Her hair is finally growing!!)

LOTS of alterations being done to clothing that was sent in.  I have been hemming pants, converting pants to knickers and shortening sleeves on suitcoats.  The kids seem to really be excited that we are at the costume stage.

The deadline for all costumes is April 12th.  I am crossing my fingers that we make it!  There are a lot of penguins, farm animals, jockeys, marching band members, chimney sweeps and oh yes – Mary’s white dress.

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