Mary Poppins – FINALLY!

YES, it is ME!!

I have no idea why I just stopped blogging other than I just needed to.   I did not realize that costume sewing  for Mary Poppin’s would entail so much of my time.  Time I enjoyed – but time lost to other things.  Like photography, creating, sewing, decorating and other things I enjoy.  BUT I think I am back for a while!

I do have some great post Mary Poppin’s photo’s to share!!

The show went off without a hitch.  I never felt so proud to see my daughter up there in her glory singing and acting.  She blew me away.  (As I was blowing in my tissues!)

As you may recall I made Coco’s dress from a Titanic style pattern from 1912.  I think she looks just beautiful in it.

My Coco as Mrs. Banks!

I made the maids costumes (Downton Abbey inspired – those were fun).  I also realized in April that Mrs. Banks would need a coat.  I manipulated a pattern for her to get this.  I tried my hardest to copy ‘Rose’s’ hat from Titanic but this was the best I could do.

The Big White Dress!  This part was a concern to me.  I thought I would need to make something from scratch.  At the last moment we had a find at the second hand store  – a 1980s white lace prom dress! Best part – it was donated!!  We added the red sash, and I tacked up the sides with red ribbons for a tea length effect.  The addition of the petticoat made it ‘practically perfect‘.  The boys jackets we used Sew Magic to iron on ribbon.  I think they all look just so sharp!!

The White Dress & Jackets

A barnyard full of animals!!  I fully admit that these were the inspiration of my coworkers.  I did help with some finish work – and they are all so sweet!

Geese, Pig, Cow & Horse OH MY!

And we cannot forget those crazy Penguins!!  These were made from a simple shift dress pattern with a white insert.

Is that my 11 year old holding a boy’s hand???  A well deserved bow on stage.

Mr. & Mrs. Bank’s taking their bow

These are just the main characters that got most of the focus.  There were 60 kids in the play and they all required period costumes to include: Towns People (long black skirts, coats & jackets, white shirts, shawls, hats) and Chimney Sweeps (dark clothes and hats) and Nannies, Bankers and Band Members….  It was intensive but they are still all talking about how amazing the costumes were.  I was so proud to be part of that team who accomplished this.

SO I will clean my sewing area up and start some new much needed projects around the house.  I hope to share them all SOON!!

6 thoughts on “Mary Poppins – FINALLY!

  1. She is absolutely Breathtaking!! I can’t believe how grown up she looks!!!! You did an amazingly wonderful job on all the costumes. The pics completely blow me away. I think I would run and hide from such a task. Beautiful work and BRAVO Coco! Glad to see you back 🙂

  2. Karen … beautiful work! Hard work! Boy, I remember my mother taking on the making of all of our dance recital costumes because … well, just because. It was so much work! You did an amazing job 🙂

    You asked my lens use and I answered over on my blog but who really has time to go back and read those responses, right? I have a canon 50mm 1.2L that was crazy expensive but can do anything. I’m so barely learning it’s depth but it really does exceed every expectation 🙂

  3. Wow Karen, you did an amazing job on these costumes. I wish I had you around when I was president of the Keynotes, our parent group for the school musical. I just loved being a part of these productions and watching my daughter on stage. My son did the lighting so it was a family affair. Miss those days now. Enjoy them, they are fleeting!


  4. Wow!!! I remembered reading about the Mrs. Banks costume you were planning, but I had no idea how many costumes you were doing. Those look totally amazing!! What a great play it must have been. Your daughter looked so beautiful too! Great job!

    • My other daughter has her play next year – not sure if I want to be that THAT involved again!!! LOL Thanks for visiting!

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