Colors Picked

Here at the Little Red House  – when we moved in we gutted and started with a ‘first time homeowner’s kitchen’.

Which means – we used thermafoil cabinets and white appliances (which I actually prefer in this space).  The dark blue laminate simply came from the fact that our apartment had white counters and they were impossible to keep clean so we went the opposite!  You could say it was the Home Depot kitchen of it’s time.

The most exciting part of the remodel was when we found the original hardwood floors.  I have never regretted having real wood in my kitchen.

That was 1997.

Now it is 2012.

Fifteen years later I needed a change.  My little kitchen has become dark and cluttered.

We started with some subtle changes:

But it was the paint color that I was wanting to change most.  I have the most wonderful decorator who comes and helps me with paint colors and small details.  I was playing with the idea of red or a gray.  So I can tell you I was SHOCKED when she told me to paint it white.  White?  She told me white is on trend now.  SO I hit the internet and it certainly is!

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

AND not only white walls but we picked the palest of blue/gray for the ceiling.  These are the colors below –

Benjamin Moore: Mountain Peak White WALLS

Mountain Peak White / BM OC-121

Benjamin Moore: Lily White CEILING

Lily White / BM 2128-70

C2: Architectural White WOODWORK

(yeah, it’s pretty WHITE!)

Stay Tuned because the painters have come and gone!!  

Can’t wait to share!

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