Lulu’s Garden

Mother’s Day weekend was spent digging in soil.  I picked a untended peice of the border garden as Lulu’s garden this year.  The two of us sat in the dirt and weeded and tilled the soil.  If worms are a good sign of healthy soil – we have healthy soil!

Then on Mother’s Day we went down the road to our local nursery and picked out some pretty perrenials.  I really like to take time to plan and order these online but time was of the essence!

 Rising Sun Coreopsis  white lupin flowers

The girls got to work!  I only had to direct them and sit back and take photos – feel free to observe with me!

We have about 2-3 days of intermittent rain coming – perfect time plant!  I hope they all live!!

Coco’s garden needs some attention next.

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