My Poor Feet

Feet.  Not the prettiest of blog posts.

But my feet hurt.

They have hurt for years. 

I have the worst feet.  I always have.  I started off in casts when I was just a baby to straighten my poor little feet.  Then I had the joy of wearing the most horrid stiff red leather or ‘saddle’ shoes all through grammer school.  We are talking the 70s here – so they are even worse than you can imagine.

I remember getting my very first pair of fun shoes – a pair of Nike Sneakers.  I was 13 and in Jr. High.  To this day I still cannot believe my mom gave in and bought them.   I never turned back after that.  If I could get my extra wide size 6 feet into fashionable shoes I wore them!  Thankfully shoes in the 1980s were not too bad.

Then I started working full time int he 1990s.   I typically worked in an office and heels were the required shoe. And they looked so good.

Now I find myself in my 40s (OK, MID 40s) and my now size 7D  feet hurt.  Oh I mentioned that?

I have extra wide short chubby feet.  Years of being a SAHM and preferring to be barefoot in the house have done their damage.  And weight gain.  And improper support on my feet.  40s are no fun!

I am on the verge of recovering (crossing fingers) from plantar faciitis (a fancy word for sore feet).   Worse, I feel like I have a bone spurt starting in addition to the PF.  I have been doomed to wear only Dansko Shoes and running shoes for the past few years.

SO I thought I would share with anyone out there who is looking for ideas if their feet hurt too!

I had semicustom orthotics made for my running shoes.  They worked – for a while.  They got me through a trip to Walt Disney World with my family a few years ago.  But recently I tried Heel Seats.

HTP <em>Heel Seats</em> - <em>Heel</em> Cup Inserts-XL 10101BLU-XL

They actually rocked my world.

So much so I am finally back to walking the dog and hitting the gym again.

Summertime and flip flops do not mix when you need supportive shoes 😦    Years ago my Physical Therapist suggested Chacos and they are my ‘house slippers’ now:

Flip EcoTread™

I have these in all black.

Recently I have desired a more going out to dinner sandal and I have had great luck with Orthaheels:

Talia Sandals

The blue is so pretty!

Which brings me to now.  I tried with all my heart to avoid the one shoe I should have bought years ago… and recently I submitted.  I ordered my first pair of…


NOW I feel really old!  In fact I had friends who begged me not to go there! I promise to not wear them with socks!  I am hopeful that this pair of Birks is not TOO unstylish.

Birkenstock  Cortina White Leather  Gizeh

The Gizah Cortina Leather

Given there is a break in period which I am still in- I can already tell you my heel is feeling so much better in them.  I worried at first that I ordered size 37 (a 6-6.5 when I wear a 7) was a bad choice however, each day I do wear them a little longer and they get more comfy.  The plastic toe peice was a big concern to me but that is getting more comfortable also.  I am glad I did not get them too big.

SO I am hoping to leave the bottle of Aleve, the ice packs, the heavy clunky shoes behind for the Summer.

 I hope my feet agree!

4 thoughts on “My Poor Feet

  1. You’re so funny! I’m a flip flop kind of gal myself and have been bothered by the lack of support lately. I tried on the Nike version of flip flops at Modells the other day, but my feet are wide too and my toes hung over the sides! The Chacos are kinda cute! I might have to try them! Thanks!

  2. I’m SO glad I ran across your blog on Follow Friday 40 & Over! I, too, have PF and some days are so horrible! I’m going to try some of your ideas for shoes and inserts because what I’ve been doing really hasn’t helped too much. Thanks so much for this great info!!

  3. I have very wide feet and have had problems with my feet since 2001. I have worn Crocs for the last 7 years and in the beginning they were so ugly. Thankfully they have more stylish versions now but will check out these other shoes. Thanks so much

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