The White Factor – Month 11

A year has ALMOST passed and it has been a few months since I updated with any photos!!  Remember, if you want to catch up you can click on my THE WHITE FACTOR JOURNEY page above.

I recently had another haircut in which I watched my wonderful hairdresser snip off old pieces of that old, oxidized, faded lighter brown color.  Which felt great – but also brought me closer to my reality.  I have really made an effort to make sure I don’t go ‘short’ in this transition.  This cut felt a little like I was not honoring that.  But in my defense I needed the cut.  The old brown was maddening and it needed to go.  Summer is here and it will grow, fast, as it always does so I am letting go!

Where I am at:  It is not about having a ‘stripe’ or some ‘streaks’ anymore.  Now a good amount of my hair is white from root to tip.  6.5 inches of it.   I guess you could say I am not playing at this anymore – I have to own it.

I had expected my hair in the very beginning to grow in a beautiful silver – all over.  It did not.  I am a salt and pepper with very heavy salt on the temples.  It is what I got.  And in the end – I have decided that is best for now – it does not rush me.  I have more time.  I do not feel like I look OLDER, I just feel like I am the only on in the group that chose this.  I am gaining more confidence in this every day.  Sometimes I have to take a deep breath before I walk into a room but that happening less and less.

What I like about it –

  • My hair never looks the same twice*
  • My eyes seem greener
  • My complexion seems at rest
  • My hair is not falling out hardly at all
  • My scalp and hair are so much healthier
  • People tell me it looks like ‘highlights’ that I paid for

What I don’t love –

  • My hair never looks the same twice*
  • Day two hair is not as simple anymore – frizzy white hair is NEVER desirable.  It makes me feel frumpy.
  • Plucking long white hairs off of my black tshirt
  • I am still not a fan of a ponytail/twist.
  • When people tell me ‘you don’t have white hair

For a refresher – some before shots:

Month 4:


Month 8:

Under the canopy


And LAST month:

MONTH 10: Right side shows line of demarcation in the curl

AND Now…..

The new cut

Still more brown to grow out

The Top (ignore that wild straggler on top!)

And for a side by side comparison:

Not too bad for 44!  The most important part of this journey has been I am taking away from this that it is not how I look in the mirror but how I feel.  I have recently started to eat much better, exercise more and become healthier in general.  Hair color could not do that for me.  I may start a journey page about that soon!

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14 thoughts on “The White Factor – Month 11

  1. Wow this is so imspiring, I recently cut the remainder off my “dyed portion” after I decided that going grey will be easier if I start with all natural hair. You look fabulous! So many people can totally rock the grey, they are just too scared to try!

  2. You look wonderful. I have commented before and still admire your choice. I was on the fence when you posted last but have now taken the plunge. I recently had my hair cut. It had been past my shoulders (which is unusual for me) I’ve always had shoulder length or shorter hair. I too have curly hair that never does the same thing twice regardless of the color. That’s just a curly hair thing. I find my hair does best when I try not to fight it and let it do it’s own thing (well mostly). It is shorter now but so much easier to handle and everyone comments on how much younger I look! Still have a little of the artificial color but hopefully it will be all cut off by later fall. Look forward to new updates on your progress!!! 🙂

  3. I’m trying to grow my gray in, and our hair texture and color are quite similar. Your hair looks AMAZING, so I was wondering if you could share what products (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in/gel products, etc) you use…

  4. Thank you ever so much, Karen! Your hair is such an inspiration to me. If I can mine to look half as good, I will be very lucky indeed :-)!

  5. I love your curls! I have been “curly girl” since 2008, and I can’t believe how much difference it has made. I always liked having curly hair, but now I love it!

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