New England Day Trip

NOTE: now that Summer is almost here I am bringing back my New England Day Trip posts (which ususally post on Fridays). I hope you enjoy them!  You can view some older ones here: Plimoth Plantation, Museum of Fine Arts,  Cape Ann, The County Fair,  Famous Corn Maze


What is a family to do on a very rainy Saturday? Head to the outlets of course! We recently went to Kittery Maine

We have been many times but this trip we made a stop into the Kittery Trading Post (which is kind of like a L.L. Bean but heavy on the hunting and camping).

Kittery Trading Post

Then after being dragged through numerous stores like Hilfiger, Hanes, Gap & Old Navy and the like we made a stop HERE:

Which is the biggest candy store we have ever been too!

Aisles of floor to ceiling candy!

And they are SO HAPPY!

Bullseyes are Mom’s favorite candy of all time.

Lots of classics (my mom made Boston baked beans in a bean pot growning up – they never tasted like these)!

BUT what I like so much about Yummies is how they have all the ‘OLD FASHIONED’ stuff.  I should clarify Old Fashioned to me means back to the 1970s!

A childhood favorite! (Yes, I like caramel!)

I have no memory of these but I am SURE they did not cost 1.99 back then.

What color is YOUR tongue after a Razzle?

Can you beleive they still make these??? Ohhh I loved to act all grown up with these (hey, it was the 70s!)

It is safe to say the girls enjoyed their trip 🙂

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