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I have found some time to get some sewing done!!  I am amazed that after the play costumes (some which were intensive) how much easier simple sewing has become.  And that I am not afraid to jump into a project and do it.

Warmer weather is here and I am half way to my weight loss goal.  Which means all last year’s shorts are too big and I do not want to spend to much on ‘in between’ clothes.

So I thought I would attempt a little skirt – just something to throw on and be in all day with flipflops or sandals.  I knew I wanted it shorter like my favorite shorts (but not TOO short!)  I found this pattern on .99 day at Joanns:


See that cute little green one up above- that’s the one I chose!

I am quite pleased with how it came out.  I love the kelley and navy colors of this fabric – very country club 🙂

I find it so hard to know if a pattern is going to fit when I make it.  Something about wearing a size 12 in real life then being told to make a size 20 on the pattern that throws me off I guess.  I had some extra white cotton left over from the play that I make a quick mock up of this first – so I did get the sizing right.  (Thankfully the 18 fit! LOL)  Nothing like a blow to your self confidence!

I love how the skirt flares out above the knees… very cute (but not TOO cute for the over 40 girl)!

I might even wear it out of the house-

Half way to goal!!


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