The Last Lunchbox

Tomorrow is the last  day of school.  Today I just packed the last lunch boxes of the year.

My Lulu is going from a 3rd grader to a 4th grader.  I know what she is in for (increased homework, more girl drama, a great year of expanded learning and another huge growth spurt).  All she cares about is she will be a 4th grader!

My Coco is going from 5th grade to Middle School.  Tomorrow there will be a fancy ‘Moving Up’ ceremony that parents are invited to attend.  Afterwards, all the 5th graders get to have a dance party and a DJ for a few hours.  This is all she cares about.

Her dress is on the ironing table…her new sandals are in her closet and her her hair will be the issue of the morning.  I would be be surprised if she does not beg for a touch of makeup – of which I will only indulge with some Burt Bee’s lipgloss.  It will be crazy here.

But something tells me I will need to pack some tissues.  I have been fairly involved with her class since the beginning.  Always helping with class parties, library, on the photocopying teams, PTO Enrichment Chair, and did I mention a Girl Scout leader for the past 5 years?  It will be hard for me to watch her Move Up.  Rumor has it the class will sing ‘Let’s Go Fly A Kite’ from the play.  A song that has much more meaning to me now than just flying a kite.

I have watched my duckling grow into a swan.  She amazes me.  She worried me for so many reasons in the early years.  She has a  Summer birthday and I chose to give her an extra year of preschool.  Then I worried for the next 5 years did I make the right choice?  I worried over the homework, I worried over her social interactions, I worried.

Today I realize – I made the right choices, she is a happy girl and she is very capable.  She was invited into our school’s Elementary Enrichment Program in grade 3.  She is an AMAZING artist and she scores incredibly high on her creative writing skills (not so much in math!).  She is almost 12.  She is a good person with a good heart.  She is ready to go to Middle School.  She is ready to fly her kite.  She has so many adventures ahead of her now and I am excited for her.  I also realize I spent too much time worrying.

Lulu as my second child – her I do not spend so much time worrying about.  And she is fine.  In fact, she is better off for my NOT worrying about everything.  We will get through all her 4th and 5th grade girl drama and homework and new adventures just fine.  She is lucky I think.  It is the joy of being a second child and she does not even see it.

SO in went the yogurt, ice packs, pretzels and apples.  Today I packed a treat too and a note that said ‘Last Lunch, love Mom‘.  I hope they appreciate it as much I do.  I will STILL be packing lunches again next year but my girls will be at different schools.  Ugh, there goes another pang.

Next Post:  photos of the ceremony (and the dress, shoes and hair…) stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “The Last Lunchbox

  1. Oh my goodness…this made me cry. **Hugs** to you. Your girls are both so beatiful and such great girls…that comes from a great mom and dad. I know you are both so very proud. Congrats to both of your little sweeties for moving up another year and another chapter.:)

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