Graduation, Cell Phones & Summertime

We survived 5th grade graduation!  It was a lovely ceremony on a beautiful morning.

We had time for a few photos first:

Each student was invited to ‘say a few words’.  Her’s was brief but well spoken.  I was happy that she thanked her wonderful teacher.  Yet she forgot to thank Mom!

She is ready…  Go fly your kite!

It should be noted that we are the meanest parents on the planet for we did not gift her with a cellphone and unlimited texting for a graduation gift.  I know – SHOCKING!  We did however share a special gift with her.  We gave her an Irish Claddaugh ring.   Dad and I both wore them while we were dating.  I had one for most of my teen and adult years.  AND given that we have a VERY Italian last name- we need to remind our girls daily that they have much more Irish in them then Italian 😉

Following the lazy afternoon that followed her ‘5th grade party’ we decided to pop into her favorite restuarnt – TGIF!  She is a buffalo wing lover – and she likes them spicey (I prefer celery!).

My plan for posting going forward is when I have something to post I will.  I will do most of my writing while the girls are in the pool.  SO if it is a nice summer I will be posting more than less.  

Have a Great Summer!!

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