Office Supplies

I do love all things Martha, but I do not subscribe to her magazine anymore or watch her show as part of my daily routine.  I have her craft supplies in my scrapbooking bag &  Martha Stewart sheets on the girls beds from KMart.  And a few of her books line my bookcase.   It is all a Good Thing!

I am not sure how I missed that she has a new organizing line at Staples.  Have you seen it?

I was not sure I would find her supplies in a store that big but at the back there was a massive display!  I guess I need to go to Staples more often!

desktop organizing supplies

stickers, labels, stickies oh MY!

dry erase and binders for planning

I do have to say I have since moved all my organization to my iPhone via my online calendar, Evernote, and all the other apps provided.  That has definitely changed my life.  However, I really do miss a planning binder.  Just seeing her examples posted and all the supplies she provides made me think for a moment MAYBE I could go back to one!!

Then I saw all these beauties.  Please do not let my 12 year old see this!  She has a journal obsession.  Best part is they all have ‘kitchen safe’ wipe-able covers 🙂

OH but WAIT did you see that in the photo:

I have to say I was very impressed with what she offers.  I think her color pallete would work in anyone’s home.  I had a hard time choosing!!

I will show you what I brought home tomorrow!!!

(I promise I showed some restraint!)

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