Low Carb Living

3 months ago the Mr. and I started on a new journey.  We decided to make a change to the way we eat.

In Defense of Food: An Eater's ManifestoNourishing Traditions:  The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet DictocratsGood Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and HealthThe Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat

For years I have been investigating Michael Pollan, Gary Taubes, The Paleo Diet, Fallon & Weston, Fat Head, Atkins, etc…  I made as many changes as I could. I feel like I ‘get’ what they are all telling me.  I just was not able to commit to making a final change – lowering our flour, sugar and high carb intake.   Baking was my single favorite hobby.

And over the years the scales have crept up and up.  The bloodwork was coming back worse and worse and I felt AWFUL about what I had become.  I am not getting any younger.  Deciding to let my natural hair color show did not help either.

Here is a photo of me this winter that did not make me feel like my best self:

After much thought (almost too much) I woke up one Sunday morning and said to the Mr. who was in the same boat as I ‘Mr., I am going to change the way I eat, are you in or out?’  Knowing that I prepare all his meals he said “I am in”.

It was a rough first week as my body worked through its cravings of sugar and breads and all the other things I had been indulging it with.  But things evened out.  And then… the scale started to drop and my engery level went UP.   Motivated we decided this is good and let’s continue.

Once we got through those early weeks we were feeling pretty good about this choice.   Eating out has not been a challenge.  We find most places we go there are choices available and the staff is most willing to accomadate our request of no bread, pasta, rice and substitiute with an extra veggie with no concern.   I even survived a trip to Disney World 6 weeks in and had no issues.

We have just passed the 3 month mark:

  • I just had my bloodwork done.  My total cholesterol has dropped 20 (TWENTY) points.
  • My blood pressure is the lowest it has been in years.
  • My anxiety (which ran pretty high) is at an all time low.
  • My plantar faciitis is self correcting and I am able to excercise again.  My back does not hurt as much.
  • I am wearing normal size clothes for my 5’3″ frame again.
  • My BMI has dropped.
  • I sleep better (the Mr. does not snore anymore!)
  • I have lost over 3 inches on my waist (almost 4!!)
  • I have more energy to play with my kids.
  • I just hit 18 out of my 35 pound goal.  The Mr. has lost a LOT more than me (MEN!)
  • I am fully satisfied with my food choices.  I never have that ’empty hunger’ feeling. The only thing I seem to crave is water.

But I am not dellusional.  I realize that I need to start incorporating some new foods back in.  We have been sucessful adding nuts back in.  Next on the ‘carb ladder’ is berries.

This is where the REAL work will start.  Working in some foods we left behind, carefully monitoring and  learning where our carb intake level is so we can maintain.  That is the big issue.  Keeping it off.   AND that is the hardest part of talking about this – what if I don’t.   I keep my eye on the prize this time – my kids.

But for now, I am enjoying my new life.   I will continue to dealing with the rolling eyes of ‘oh, Low Carb, yeah we tried that once’.  Saying ‘no thank you’ to the offers of desserts (which I have NO craving for at all).   And saying ‘thanks for noticing’ to everyone who says ‘you look great!’

A recent shot of my Coco and I at TGIFs:

6 thoughts on “Low Carb Living

  1. Wow! That is awesome! I need to twwek our diet a little. I have gotten a little lax with it. I could stand to lose a little extra weight oo! Thanks for the inspiration and book mentions.:)

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