Low Carb Fridge Tour

As I have mentioned… we have started to change how we eat.  As odd as it is to share about this I thought I would show you what my fridge looks like after a shopping trip.  This load will probably last us 4 days.  It is easier to visually see what we eat than to explain what we don’t eat right now.  About the only things that we eat that is not in the fridge is a nighttime treat of almonds and flaxseed muffins.

(I am having issues with my auto focus on my camera – again apologies for photo quality.)

Given that the Mr. and I are eating a specific way and the kids still eat food that we do not, we have to balance what we have.

The bulk of what we eat now is veggies.  Lots of Veggies.  The two bags of romaine will probably last us 3 days.  I also love cucumber in dip as an afternoon snack.

However the one food I eat the most of is broccoli.  I am usually steaming broccoli for breakfast, lunch, dinner or afternoon snack.  I just love it.  It is even better when steamed with some cauliflower then mixed together 🙂

The other mainstay of our diet is protein.  I keep most of the meats/chickens in the freezer below – but try to always have 2 days worth defrosting or ready to go.  My preference is to always use natural/organic or grassfed/free range.  However, processed meats sometimes make their way in.

Eggs are another important mainstay.  We start our day with them everyday.  (Yes, butter too!)

This is where I keep the fruit for the kids.  Given that we are doing low carb – fruits are not a big part of our daily intake.  What I find works for us is precut fruit.  It may not be the best choice – but I am not thinking about fruits and this keeps the kids supplied.  I also try to wash and prep as much fruit as I can for them.  As tempting as a bowl of fresh cherries is – its just not on my pallette right now.

All of those veggies need an accompaniment – dressings!  I really should learn some recipes for homemade.

And cheese – can’t forget the cheese!!  4 oz. a day is the limit but even that seems like a lot now.   Feta, aged cheddar, mozzarella, parmesean (perfect on that broccoli!) and cream cheese.   We do eat some deli ham but I do buy the nitrate free.

And, we drink a lot of water.  I aim for 50 oz. of water everday.  Somedays I miss it – somedays I get it all in.  The girls need their milk & yogurt.  Other than cream, no milk for us.   Diet Tonic Water is for when Mom and Dad are looking for a ‘treat’ (mixed with some zero carb vodka).

When I have room in the fridge I usually keep a big pitcher of water.

That concludes the Low Carb Fridge Tour!  The kids still have a cabinet that has THEIR food (cereals, crackers, pretzels, granola, pasta, bread, etc)  I just do my best to stay out of it.

As you can see there is nothing ‘dangerous’ about the way we eat.  It is the healthiest change we have made in years.

The biggest outcome of this is – the kids are learning better eating habits along with us.

2 thoughts on “Low Carb Fridge Tour

  1. Oh my goodness…this is probably what my fridge should look like. We are really making an effort to be healthier all around. Looks like you guys are doing much better than I am at the moment. 🙂

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