New England Day Trip


That is what most people think when they hear Salem, Mass.  The Witch Trials.  A little negative blight on our otherwise lovely local history.  However, MOST people have heard of Salem which is kind of cool!

In High School we played the Salem Witches in sports.

 Our regional newspaper to this day sports a witch on her broom as a logo., Salem, MA

 Most people do not even realize that MOST of the witch trials happened in Salem Village which is in Danvers, Mass.  Yet, Salem is where it is at today.

The girls have both been studying local history at school and are well versed in the witch trials.  I have had no real reason to go into Salem other than to go to a restaurants or bars in the past 25 years.

This week when my sister was in town we finally decided to don our ‘tourist’ hats and see the city from foot.

Where we visited:

  • The Peabody Essex Museum Which is hosting an Ansel Adams photo exhibit!  We only got to the  gift shop as time did not allow a full visit.
Then we finished the day off right – with a dinner trip to Good Harbor Beach (Cape Ann) for cool afternoon in the ocean.
Have you ever been to Salem?!?!

4 thoughts on “New England Day Trip

  1. I am so jealous of the all rich history in your area! We have places here but not too many close. We would probably have to drive a good 4 hours to see something that even came close to the wonders of Salem. I have never been there but is looks like a great place to visit if I ever go to the area..

      • Wow! 300 years old. Can you imagine all that has taken place and passed through that house. Amazing. I love that kind of stuff. Really need to put your area on the list of to do’s with boys one day.

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