Local and Fresh

Check out the ice bath!

I gave up my CSA this year.  I LOVED it yet I felt that I was wasting more food we did not like than food we did like.  And given that we consume massive amounts of veggies now I just want the ones I really like.

But we still do go to the farmstands.  One has to be careful to make sure the food is LOCAL vs. brought in.

Beautiful but not sure local

THESE were fresh and local!

A friend offered me her share of my old farm during her vacation (2 weeks!!).  It is a really neat place – Green Meadows Farm.  Gen. Patton (I think most have heard of him) came home from the war and became a farmer.  His wife Joanna to this day still runs that farm which is one of two local organic farms.

It was great to be back and out picking basil, cherry tomatoes and collecting the bounty in the stand.  I ALWAYS bring home farm fresh eggs ($3.00/half doz. YIKES!) but the girls can tell the difference right away.  This year they added local milk which is almost unheard of in the Boston area.  Coco has been drinking it all week.  I can even get pastured pork right from the farm.

Come Winter I will be missing all of these great options available.

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