I feel like I missed a few things in July!

1. I turned 44 and a HALF!  Half birthdays have special meaning – we usually always celebrate them with the girls.  I however, let this one slip right on by…shhhh!

2. My 1 year blogging anniversary.  I started this blog as the Mr. was leaving for a trip to New Zealand & Australia for 3 weeks.  I thought it would be a good way to have something to focus on while he was gone.  A distraction.  Little did I know I would still be at it a year later.

Some things coming up in August – 

1.  I am going to have to start making BIG decisions here very soon – like paint samples, carpet or hardwoods, acrylic or tiles…. MORE to come on that!

 Fresh Desktop Wallpapers · Background · Miscellaneous   Colored Pencil

2.  There are officially 29 days left of summer… I have mixed emotions about that one!  School starts August 30th!!  But how I do love back to school shopping!

3.  August 30th is also my ‘Back to the Gym’ day written on my calendar… we will see how that one goes!

What do YOU have going on this month???

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