Lulu is almost 10.

She is on the verge.  I love this age.

That age of in beTWEEN.

We took an evening to hit the mall for some Back to School shopping.  She was excited (not the usual case).  She tried on new types of clothes and we went to some new stores.  As I have mentioned before Justice is so ‘out’.  She even told me she was having fun (definitely not usual).

There were those moments of ‘ oh look at you – you are growing up!’  Then there was the moment we walked past the brand new Lego Store.  She stopped and we had to stepped backwards to go back in.  Yes, Lulu LOVES Legos.  She is one of only 2 girls who go to the afterschool masculine driven ‘Lego Club’.

In conjunction with that new plastic smell she saw this:

She just happened to have a 10 spot burning in her pocket.

Which led to this:

So bags of new clothes and these three little guys came home with us.

I would say it was a good trip out!  I am glad she is starting to mature but I am even happier she is not maturing TOO fast!

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