When I Grow Up…

I want to be Annie Camden.

Do you remember this show:

7th Heaven Poster

I remember when we were married – way back in the 90s and we would sit in on Sunday nights and tune into this show.  And I would contemplate what having a family would be like.  What kind of mother would I be? How many children would I have?  How hard could it be?

Every week I would watch Annie and Eric Camden handle issue after issue.  They would never yell, resolve the conflict and always convey the message they wanted.   Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This summer we found reruns of this show on GMC and have been taping them on the DVR.  It has been wonderful.  My 12 year old and the almost 10 year old beg to watch them.  We always watch them together (I think there are about 17 waiting to be watched as I type) there is no watching an episode without Dad or me.

I love that we watch and pause and discuss everything that is happening.  Simon is so ‘cute’.  Mary seems to get into trouble…a lot.  Lucy is obsessed with boys and make up.  Ruthie is growing up with her brothers and sisters taking care of her. Matt is always in the other kids business.  Annie is a SAHM and always shown in a positive light.  Annie and Eric always discuss things and are always in agreement.  And we love it all!!

The show really hits on a lot of subjects the girls have not been exposed to.  Gangs, sex, cutting, dating, teen pregnancy, religion, illness, lying, sex, bullying, the list goes on and on.   Did I mention sex?!

With my oldest starting Middle School next week I am thankful for this.   I LOVE the way they approach the subject in the confines of this loving family in an ‘us against the world’ way.   It has been a great gateway to discussions in the car, at the dinner table or just during the day.  I find myself referring back to the show in real life now.   ‘Remember when Simon was in the theater and throwing popcorn, and was asked to leave….?’   ‘Remember when Lucy covered for Mary’s sneaking out and had to do all her chores in addition to hers….?’

I constantly reinforce now that The Camden kids know the rules, and yes they break them often but they know there will always be consequences.  I never feel badly about a subject matter at the end of an episode.   There are not many shows I am comfortable watching with the girls these days.  This one fits the bill.

GMC is running seasons 1-3 right now – check it out!!

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