The Little Red House

The old 1930s 1.5 story wood structure post war small New England cape is undergoing some changes.

I am not sure I will be able to call it the Little Red House‘ much longer!

Major things are happening here.

With two tween girls who share one room coming up in the family – and one bathroom it was time to make some choices.  Move?  No, I could not leave my little cape.  We are out of room to expand on the first floor.  Which means – going up.

First plan was – let’s add the bathroom upstairs.  Which would require a shed dormer.  Update the electrical and separate the girls into their own rooms.

Second plan was – if we were adding a shed dormer why not do the whole dormer on the back for bigger closet space.

Third plan – if we are adding a full dormer on the back, why not do the front too so the girls could have more air/light via windows.

Which leads us to … an new second floor!

August we started construction – here are the before shots of my cute little New England cape.  I hope I don’t miss her too much.  The old girl has been good to us for almost 17 years.

We call this view the Front (it faces the driveway):

We call this view the Back:

When a huge truck comes and drops one of these huge bins on your front lawn – you KNOW things are starting!!


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