Growing Pains

Once it was decided that indeed we are going to expand the upstairs… several things had to take place.

Early August was spent in DE-CONSTRUCTION mode.  To me – this is the worst part of the entire process.

We needed to move the girls downstairs to an area of our ‘living room’.   Every item they own had to be accounted for: keep, discard, put away or keep close.  This was NO easy chore.  Especially knowing they would be living like this right into the start of the school year.

I invested in a 5 ft 4 shelf wire rack which I know I can use after.  They have a privacy curtain hung up.  For 19.00 at Home Depot I purchased a huge drop cloth – it is working perfectly!  They are being great about all of this.  They have their eye on the prize!!

Not only did we have to find storage for their ‘stuff’ there were years of Christmas decorations, luggage, odds and ends tucked into the small eaves we have.  In the end most of it was discarded or binned.  Bookcases of books were donated, clothing was handed down to friends and baby memories are now safely tucked away.

Then the hard work had to start.  Gutting the rooms.  The Mr. is really good at this part.  Except when it is August and the temp. outside is well over 90 and he has three others in the house who really are not up to helping.   But we all worked together to clean it out.

(Some day I will find the BEFORE pictures of their bedrooms that I can share!!)

Tongue in groove 1930s walls and 1930’s black dust laden insulation stripped. Knee walls down.

A big hot sweaty mess!

Seeing the potential of added floor space in these small rooms. 1930s original hardwood (sniff… they have to go too)

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