Baby Boy Shower Gift

My girls have the best dance teacher.  I adore her!

We were thrilled when she got married 2 years ago and now are even more thrilled that she is having her first child soon.  She is all things pink, tutu and sweet.  And she is having a boy!  I have such a hard time coming up with ideas for baby boys to make.  I think I finally figured it out.

I had been wanting to make these FABULOUS Fabric Baskets found on SEW4HOME.  You can view all the instructions on their website.

Click to Enlarge

I picked up these ‘boyish’ fabrics:

And got to work!  I was able to complete all three in one day.  However, there was a HUGE hiccup where I purchased the wrong weight stablizer.  Mine was WAY too thick and after breaking 2 needles and jamming my machine 4 times I gave up.  And you all know that when you return to the fabric store for more of the same fabrics -you cannot find them.   My third basket is a different color but still cute!

Three Boy Baskets!

They are just the perfect size to store diapers and wipes, or small toys, or socks and Ts.

I think the fabric choices are adorable too!

I love using my 1/4 inch foot to get those nice lines:

Added a sweet green bow:

Tossed this adorably soft little guy in:

And wrapped them all up.  I hope these are a gift that she can use for years.  That is why I chose them!

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