Rewarding Oneself

When I hit my 25# weight loss – I decided it was time to reward myself!  In the old days it would have been with a big dinner out.  Not these days!

I knew exactly what I wanted and was waiting for just the right deal to come along and it did.

Meet my new:

I  had been wanting to make this switch for a LONG TIME now.  I adore my little Cricut and she has come to many a crop with me over the years.  She was a 40th birthday gift from the girls.  But I felt so limited with it.

My new Silhouette has actually been sitting in a box for a little while now and I just broke her out.

What I am specifically impressed with is the print and cut feature and that I can do fabric, vinyle, heat transfer and etching.  I just need TIME to try all these things out!!

Did you notice that cute little card tucked in the fabric basket:

That was my first project.  SO easy and cute.  My card making skills are very rusty these days – this is not my best work.

I used the Print and Cut feature – I downloaded the Beatrix Potter image (who does not LOVE Peter Rabbit?) and sent it to my regular printer.   Then fed it into the Cameo to be precision cut.

So cute I had to make 2!

A quick and sloppy:( ‘Baby Boy’

I added a ribbon and wrote a heartfelt message.  It may not be perfect but sometimes homemade is better!

I cannot WAIT for more downtime to focus on some much more complex projects and share them.  

One thought on “Rewarding Oneself

  1. Oh my goodness!! Yay!! I really want to get one, just not in the budget. I am going to try to butter santa up.;) Can’t wait to see what you do with it.:)

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