Learning Curve(s)

Things have been either crazy or quiet here at the Little Red House.  With the girls back to school and back into their new schedules (and hopefully back into their NEW bedrooms soon!) I have had time to get into my own new schedule.

We are learning new things here… one of the biggest seems to be Francais! Oui Oui!!

 Yes, my middle schooler is starting her first year french class.  Now, I took 7 years of french and still am not very good at it but its been enjoyable relearning it along with her.  Funny how she wants my answers but not my pronounciation corrections.  Life with a tween…

I am also taking time to learn my new Silhouette Cameo cutting tool in more detail.  I had some great success with some easier projects like this invite.

I love how much easier things seem to be than with my Cricut.   Lets face it – this was an investment and I want to use it to its full potential.

I have been seeking blogs, Youtube videos, anything I can get my eyes on to learn about this tool that offers SO much. Then, I tripped on the most wonderful thing – my fabulous local scrapbooking & stamping store is looking to start a Silhouette Group.  I popped in for a free session yesterday.

It was a mixed group – two who I consider advanced (yeah!), myself who has played around enough to produce some things and a few others just starting out.  It’s PERFECT!  We reviewed the very basics and I learned a few tricks that I did not know (like Test Cut!!).  We discussed layers, offsets, and most excitingly about importing images from other sites (than Silhouette).   I also learned that my subscription credits would expire if I don’t use them.

We took a few minutes to print this guy – in all white, then used inks to shade the paper to the desired effect (something I would not have thought to do).

I have been introduced to one of MANY design artist, Kerry Bradford, and I have learned so much on her site in just the time I had to read a few pages.

I even signed up for one of her online classes!!  Just Add Color  

I cannot wait for this to start next week!!!

The group decided to meet monthly and spend time learning news skills, then follow up with a challenge or create time.  I am so happy to have some real life people to share this with now.  And I cannot wait to share as I learn!

2 thoughts on “Learning Curve(s)

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy with your Cameo since we left class. I hope you like Kerry’s class and you can let me know, if it’s worth taking. That one was one I planned to take after I finish the one I’m in now! See you in class, I’m thrilled with the ideas — should be a lot of fun!!!

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