New England Day Trip: Beacon Hill

What a wonderful area I live in.  I spend a lot of time traveling to our quaint little towns  and photographing them.  Sometimes though I forget about the BIG places.  Like BOSTON!

I had a chance to join a friend on a walking city tour.  Now, why would I want to do that… in a city I used to work in and know fairly well?

This was a Walking PHOTOGRAPHY Tour – which peaked my interest.  So off we went into Boston for a beautiful crisp October morning and joined up with a bunch of OTHER camera carrying fools 🙂

We started at the Shaw Memorial, then across the street to the Massachusettes State Capitol buidling with is gleeming gold dome.  Then we moved on to the good stuff:  Beacon Hill.  You can read about the history of this beautiful area HERE if you would like to learn more.

We focused on some really neat photo taking, along with a jovial history tour thrown in.  I will let the photos speak for themselves… ENJOY!

(click on an image and you can carousel through)

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